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Zeus Recycling Solutions, LLC was started in 2009 and specializes in the recycling of many types of plastics and plastic wraps. Zeus provides safe and cost effective recycling solutions for manufacturers and warehousing distributors that produce scrap plastic wraps and scrap plastics in their manufacturing plants and distributor's warehouses. In today's world, companies are experiencing rising cost of waste disposal along with other rising production costs. Zeus Recycling Solutions, LLC can help provide solutions for manufacturers and warehouse distributors that are putting their plastic wrap and other types of scrap plastics into their waste streams. In most cases, we can also offer a higher payment to purchase your recyclable plastic scrap that you may currently be selling to a plastic broker.

Zeus Recycling Solutions, LLC manufactures a customized manual plastic shrink wrap baler which allows our customers to reduce waste disposal costs. The Zeus Baler allows companies to easily reduce their waste disposal costs by recycling plastic wrap into small 30 lb. bales which are easily stored on pallets and ready to be picked up by our trucks at any time. By using the Zeus Baler, thousands of pounds of shrink wrap per year can be kept out of our landfills, not to mention the immediate savings in your company's disposal costs. This process improvement also will qualify your company for process improvement certifications merits for any ISO 14001 certification programs. Please feel free to contact us for a free on site audit to reclaim your companies scrap plastics from your waste streams and a demonstration of our Zeus Baler.

Bale Blue System

Bale Blue SystemThe Bale Blue System™ is the specialized blue wrap recycling business of Zeus Recycling Solutions. We are committed to developing and providing innovative solutions and services to hospitals and healthcare facilities across the United States. We offer a blue wrap recycling collection and resource recovery service for uncontaminated blue wrap.

Bale Blue System

Our service includes a review and analysis of the collection and recycling of blue sterilization wrap. With this analysis, we tailor a plan for each medical facility according to the volume of uncontaminated blue wrap for recycling and the storage capacity available onsite. The analysis also helps determine timing and frequency of collections for maximum efficiency in your facilities.

Uncontaminated blue wrap is transported to our recycling site for processing in compliance with the highest industry standards.

In the recycling phase, the material is granulated and extruded back into pellets which are then used to manufacture new polypropylene products.

The Bale Blue System™ Is...

  • Safe
  • Efficient
  • Sustainable

Now there's a dependable recycling and resource recovery solution for hospitals and health care facilities.

Bale Blue System